Game Demos

These Game Demos are just me doodling around with some ideas for how a controller for riding a horse could work. It is not supposed to be a full game. It does not have complete instructions - I know it might not be easy to get how it works. You are welcome to try it out though :)

Stride adjustment for jumping

The jumping demo shows a concept where you have to adjust the horse's stride length in order to hit the perfect point to jump.

Use W and S to change gaits. Use the mouse over the crosshair to turn the horse and to adjust the stride length. Try to hit the point in front of the jump perfectly with one of your strides (white balls), then the horse will jump.

Use leg and rein ques for dressage moves

Q and A represent your left leg at the girth (Q) and behind the girth (A), E and D your right leg. Use W to tap both legs and speed your horse up. Use S to sit deep and slow your horse down. For special requirements in each dressage move refer to the info box in the top left corner.

Give the game some time to load...