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Ender Cloud Mod

What does this mod do?

Adds a Block called Ender Cloud and two Items: Ender Pouch and Ender Cloud Pouch.

The Ender Cloud is similar to an Ender Chest, its inventory can be accessed wherever you are and is shared over all dimensions (Overworld, Nether, End). The inventory is also shared between all Players, so you can easily swap or trade stuff back and forth no matter where you are.

No matter which Ender Cloud is opened (or even if only the Pouch is used) all Ender Clouds will open.

The Pouches are a mobile version of the Ender Chest and Ender Cloud. Rightclicking them opens the equivalent inventory but also inflicts some damage to you, as you have to pull the stuff through the void of the End (similar to teleporting with Ender Pearls).

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[BUG (1.15_v1.7)] Ender Cloud Pouch and Ender Chest Pouch are missing.


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Roxa's Ender Cloud Mod

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